APEX Counter Top Water Filter MR-1050 | Effective Alkaline System?

Product : APEX Countertop Drinking Water Filter MR-1050
Type : Countertop Drinking Water Filter
Filtration Stage : 5 Stage Filtration System in One Filter
Product Warranty :  1 year
Suitable For : Rented Apartment, City Water, Small HouseholdAPEX Countertop Drinking Water Filter MR1050

APEX, not be mistaken by APEC, is a southern California based water filter company which has 99% of their product made in-house. They have strict quality control to maintain the standards of their water filter system.

One of their best seller product is the APEX Counter Top Water Filter MR-1050.

A Unique Counter Top Drinking Water Filter System…

Like most of the the counter top water filter system, APEX MR-1050 uses a single filter cartridge to perform it’s filtration to produce clean water.

Single Filtration System With Alkaline Remineralization…
As most of you might heard that alkaline water has numerous benefits such as neutralizing the acidic in our body and increase the bald taste of the water. This is where APEX has incorporated into their MR-1050 system.

The APEX MR-1050 is a simple counter top single filter system which is capable of remineralized the filtered water with calcium and magnesium. Apart from adding good minerals to the water, it also removes up to 95% of the main harmful minerals such as chlorine, arsenic, mercury, lead and etc.

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5 Stage Filtration Breakdown…
APEX incorporated 5 stages of filtration system in a single filter to maximize space while still provides a great taste of it’s alkaline water.

APEX MR-1050 Filter Cartridge

MicroFlet Pad – Removes particles such as sand, rust and dust.
5 Micron KDF Layer – Removes microorganism, bacteria and heavy materials.
Granular Activate Carbon Layer – Removes odor and taste from chlorine, chloramine and organic chemicals.
Alkaline Layer – Remineralized potassium and magnesium.
Calcite Layer – Remineralized calcium.


Extremely Portable For House Moving…
The light weight APEX Countertop Drinking Water Filter System MR-1050 is a portable filtration system which is able to bring along easily when moving to a new place. No plumber is required to dismantle and reinstall this system in your new home.

Within Seconds of Installation…
Like other countertop drinking water filter system, no professional plumber is needed. Screw on the adapter to most faucet and you are good to go. You can refer to the installation video below:

The diagram below shows the types of kitchen sink faucets that are tested and verified to be working with the APEX Countertop Drinking Water Filter MR-1050.

APEX Faucet Compatibility

$90 Annual Replacement Cost..
The filter cartridge is suggested to be replace every 750 gallons. As an average family of four, it will be about 6 months until the filter be replaced. However, the price is slightly expensive for a single filter cartridge due to it’s alkaline capability.

1 Year Warranty…
Like most of the product, it comes with 1 year limited warranty for the APEX Countertop MR-1050. This unit is fully built in the USA which assures on the quality during manufacturing.APEX Satisfactory

Drawbacks for this system…
The lifespan of the filter is relatively short as compared to the New Wave Enviro Countertop Drinking Water Filter. Hence, it sky-rocketed the annual maintenance cost to $90 per year.

If fluoride is a concern in your source water, this is not the water filter you should be looking for. You can look for the Home Master TMJRF2 which is capable of removing fluoride.

All counter top drinking water filter system is not effective in filtering well water source. It is only recommended for city waters that undergo a first level treatment by  the municipal council.

Technical Specification :
Product Weight: 5 lbs
Dimension: 4.5″L x 4.5″W x 12″H
Max Feed Water Pressure: 85 PSI
Flow Rate : 0.75 GPM

  • Reviews by Existing Customers
  • Filtration Effectiveness
  • Quality of the Product
  • Maintenance and Replacement
  • Installation Easiness
  • Cost Effective (Price/Value)


In general, the APEX Countertop Drinking Water Filter MR-1050 does what it claims by the company. It filters the odor and taste of chlorine while increase slightly on the pH to about 7-8.5. The annual maintenance cost is slightly higher than most of the model in the market due to it’s remineralization capability on such a portable device. It is definitely a RECOMMENDED drinking water filter system.

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