Best Under Sink Water Filter For 2018

Today we will bring you the most comprehensive comparison guide on the best under sink water filter for your kitchen in the market.

Water contamination has become a serious issue in the recent days. You will be seeing news on water contamination issue on every week in parts of the country.

We need to get rid of them before to prevent the pollutants from entering our body.

Some contaminants, such as mercury and lead, will stay and accumulate in our body for many years before it reacts negatively to our body.

In this guide, we will be discussing:

  • Filter Comparison.
  • Our Winners.
  • Criteria for an Excellent Water Filter.
  • Why Do We Recommend RO System.

Filter Comparison

I am pretty sure that you have heard of one or two of this brands. In this guide, we will be comparing drinking water filters from APEC, iSpring, Aquasana, Home Master and Express Water.

Not all their products are great. Those brands have been established for years in water filter market and have thousands of customers under their belt.  Some of their water filter systems are one of the best sellers in the market.

To make this easier, we have put in a table for comparison based on the features of 11 under sink water filters that are highly sought by customers.

SystemFeatureCostRatingFlow Rate
+ Guaranteed removal of major minerals such as lead, fluoride, radium
+ Made in US
$$, $40/year4.850 GPD
iSpring RCC7
iSpring RCC7 Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System
+ WQA Gold Seal Certification
+ 75 GPD production rate
+ The most cost effective product
$$, $48/year4.875 GPD
Express Water RO5DX
Express Water Reverse Osmosis System
+ The most affordable reverse osmosis system
+ Free one year replacement filter
$, $50/year4.750 GPD
Aquasana OptimH2O
Aquasana Reverse Osmosis System
+ Certified by NFS
+ Reminerization on RO water.
$$, $210/year3.632 GPD
+ WQA Gold Seal Certification
+ 90 GPD production rate
+ Made In US
$$$, $56/year4.790 GPD
Aquasana AQ-5300R
Aquasana AQ-5300R
+ Certified by NFS
+ Remove only harmful minerals.
+ Fast flow rate of 0.5GPM
+ Filter replacement reminder
$, $130/year4.20.5 GPM
+ WQA Gold Seal Certification
+ 90 GPD production rate
+ Alkaline Remineralization Filter
+ Made in US
$$$, $85/ Year4.790 GPD
iSpring RCC7AK
iSpring RCC7AK
+ WQA Gold Seal Certification
+ 75 GPD production rate
$$, $82/year4.675 GPD
Home Master TMHP
Home Master TMHP Hydroperfection
+ Patented Reverse osmosis system which remineralized twice on the filtered water
+ Waste water is just 1 gallon
+ Innovative Design on system
+ Made in US
$$$$, $150/year4.875 GPD
Home Master TMAFC
Home Master TMAFC
+ Patented Reverse osmosis system which remineralized twice on the filtered water
+ Innovative Design on system
+ Made in US
$$$. $87/year4.950 GPD
Express Water ROALK5D
Express Water Reverse Osmosis ROALK5D
+ Rigorous test on every product
+ Alkaline remineralization filter included.
+ The most affordable RO Alkaline water filter
$$, $120/year4.850 GPD
*Flow rate based on gallons per day (GPD) and gallons per minute (GPM).

Based on the customer rating on the right, it is easy to distinguish the good from the bad ones. Let us summarize based on the majority of people’s preference.

Budget Standpoint:

If you are on a tighter budget, you probably will need to look for something like the APEC ROES-50, iSpring RCC7, and the Express Water RO5DX. Those are the affordable systems which will keep your yearly budget low.

Alkaline Remineralization:

If you are having a higher budget, you can choose for systems that contain alkaline remineralization filters for a better taste and beneficial minerals in the filtered water. It applies to systems like Home Master TMAFC, APEC RO-PH90, and the Express Water ROALK5D.

Family Size:

5oGPD flow rate is good for a family of 6. It is recommended to go for a capacity of 75GPD and above for a larger household. Some of the great ones are Home Master TMHP and APEC RO-90.

Not Recommended:

Aquasana is great in their whole house water filter. However, their drinking water filter systems still aren’t able to compete with others. Hence, we do not recommend any of the Aquasana drinking water filters.


Our Winners

We categorize our winners based on different categories. All of the winners are excellent in providing filtration to remove contaminants in your source water.

Best Under Sink Water Filter: Home Master TMAFC

Home Master TMAFC is deemed to be the greatest under sink water filter of all times. We rate them based on the 3 criteria below:

Home Master TMAFCFiltration Quality

Home Master did 4 innovative changes to this system compared to others.

  1. All in One Canister Filter:  Eliminate the chances of bacteria accumulate in the canister.
  2. Increase flow rate with bigger food grade tubes.
  3. “Push-in” tubes to eliminate wrenches.
  4. Patented Full Contact remineralization flow that remineralized the filtered water twice.

High-Quality Filter:
Each cartridge can last for at least a year of filtration. This indicates that the filter is built with great technology to withstand a longer period of filtration.

Cost Effectiveness

Initial investment in this system is considered moderate. Slightly expensive than other brands.

The annual replacement cost is approximately $87 which is average across 5 years. This amount is rather reasonable for a system that can produce clean and remineralize drinking water.

Customer Satisfaction

It received the highest rating among all others from its customers based on quality and filtration capability. Many customers are very satisfied with its performance.


5 Years Warranty:
Home Master comes with 5 years limited warranty on all their reverse osmosis systems. They stood by the quality of their products which is a sign of great quality. You can rest assured that you are getting the best system in the market.

Verdict: With all the various reason above, this system undoubtedly the one of the best drinking water filter available in town!



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Under Sink Water Filter With High Flow RateAPEC RO-90

APEC has always been well known for their quality and functionality of their systems. Their products are always on top of the list on Amazon.

For this case, we use the following criteria to select APEC RO-90 as the best high flow rate water filter.

Filtration QualityAPEC RO-90

Quality of filter system is always our top priority of determining the best water filter. Below is a few great aspects of this system.

High Flow Rate:
This system is the highest flow rate among all the other system that is available in the market. With a flow rate of up to 90 gallons per day, it is definitely suitable for a household that is more than 8 people.

WQA Gold Seal Certification:
The RO-90 is one of APEC’s reverse osmosis water filter to have received a WQA Gold Seal Certification. This is a quality assurance from WQA on the quality and functionality of the system.

Long Lifespan Filter:
Another aspect of quality comes from the filter cartridge. The suggested schedule of filter replacement is one year. This indicates that their filters are highly effective and efficient which doesn’t require constant replacement to maintain it’s standard.

Cost Effectiveness

With an initial price tag of less than $300, it is considered reasonable as it can supply filtered water for up to 10 people in a house.

In addition, the annual maintenance cost is on average $50 which is relatively low to maintain such a high-efficiency filter.

Excellent Customer Rating

With an extremely high rating (4.8/5) from existing customers, you can rest assured to receive a high-quality water filter from APEC.

Verdict: APEC RO-90 definitely worth every penny that you invested for a high flow rate under sink water filter system.



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Best Under Sink Well Water Filter: Home Master TMHP

Home Master TMHP HydroPerfection is one of the top graded under sink water filter in the market. If your house is using the well water source, you shouldn’t miss out this system.

Filtration Quality

This 9 stage reverse osmosis system is the “big brother” for Home Master TMAFC, our best under the counter water filter mentioned above. It comes with additional great features such as the following:

UV Sterilizer:Home Master TMHP Hydroperfection
Well water source, as you might know, is a very contaminated source water. Microorganism such as bacteria and virus is often found in those water.

UV light chamber is used to kill the microorganism by altering their DNA structure leaving.

Remove Iron:
The system removes Iron, which is one of the contaminants that often appear in well water source.

Although Environmental Protection Agency, EPA confirms that iron is a secondary contamination, it will alter the taste of your food and the water that you drink. It is best to be filtered away.

Great Filter and System:
Home Master is known for producing high-quality filters for their system. All of their cartridges are capable of lasting for at least 1 year.

Remember the 4 innovative design from Home Master TMAFC that we mentioned above? It is all available in this system as well.

Cost Effectiveness

For all well water filtration system, it comes at a higher cost. This is due additional filtration stage is required to remove heavy contaminated water source.

The annual maintenance cost is on average $150 which includes the annual replacement of the UV light bulb and the iron filter.

Waste Water Reduction: 

Reverse osmosis owners often pay more water bills due to the waste water that was produced by the system.

The Home Master TMHP is capable to achieve a 1:1 ratio of waste water which sees a 4X water saving compared to the conventional system. It is among the best of all reverse osmosis system.

Customer Rating

It receives excellent ratings from its existing customers (4.7/5) mainly on the quality, effectiveness, and performance. It is a great system especially for the household using well water source.

Verdict: Home Master TMHP undoubtedly is one of the great systems which can withstand harsh conditions from the well water source. Although it is expensive, it is worth every penny that was spent toward safeguarding the health of you and your family.



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Affordable Water Filter: APEC ROES-50

APEC ROES-50 Water Filter Assurance

APEC ROES-50 is one of the affordable reverse osmosis system available in town. With just under $200, you can have a high-quality drinking filtration system.

We don’t just compare the price across all system. Most importantly we care about the quality. Below are the few key points that we liked about the system.

Effective System

It is a 5 stage filtration system which consists of an excellent reverse osmosis membrane that guaranteed removes most of the contaminants in the following. APEC RO-CTOP Contaminant Removal

Arsenic, Lead, Radium, and Barium and some of the most dangerous contaminants which can accumulate in our body as times goes by.

Besides, VOC, chlorine taste and odor are also removed by the two stages carbon block filter in stage 2 and stage 3.

A larger than standard 4-gallon storage tank is used to store clean water which is able to provide water instantly when is required.

Efficient System

The frequency of replacement indicates whether a system has a great technology or just a normal typical water filter.

In this case, the APEC ROES-50 shows that it backed with innovative technology in building the filtration cartridges.

The lifespan of each filter is at least a year, which is twice as much as the conventional system. Those conventional systems required constant replacement to maintain the quality of the water as advertised.

Apec ROES-50 Filter Lifespan

In addition, the whole system is designed and made in the US to make sure that the quality is at it’s highest standard.

Low Cost:

In many cases, some of the systems come with a low initial investment but followed by a high yearly maintenance cost.

For APEC ROES-50, you can rest assure that the initial investment and annual maintenance cost is the lowest among all system.

With just merely $40 a year, it is 60% cheaper than an average person spending on bottled water every year. Don’t forget, the filtration system is for the entire household.

Annual Maintenance Cost: $40

3000 Astonishing Reviews

This system has garnered over 3000 excellent reviews from it’s existing customers. It is consistently ranked on the number 1 best seller item for under sink water filter on Amazon.

This is the result of a 20-year-old company with great technology.

Verdict: APEC makes the ROES-50 so affordable to purchase and maintain that you don’t have any reasons for not investing in a water filtration system. It’s proudly made in the US so that the quality and standards are at the highest.



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Criteria For An Excellent Water Filter

Are you puzzle on choosing the best water filter for your kitchen?

Puzzle of Choosing Water FilterThere are so many products on the market which claims they are the best in the market. Is it really the case?

The easiest way to determine which system suits you is to identify the problem that you intend to solve. It isn’t that hard to pick a good drinking water filter for your home.

I will give my formula for choosing a great water filter with the following criteria below:

Filtration Quality:

  • How well in percentage does the filter remove contaminants?
  • Does it specify which contaminants that it removed?
  • What is the micron ratings that it can filter up to?
  • If it is a reverse osmosis system, what is the TDS rating after filtration?

Cartridge Replacement:

  • How long does the lifespan of each filtration cartridge?
  • The longer the lifespan of filters means that the better technology that was used on the cartridge.


  • Is this system within your budget?
  • What is the annual maintenance cost of the system across 5 years?


  • Most systems required drilling in order to secure the system under the sink. Does it require complicated installation that incurred additional installation cost?

Reviews Reviews Reviews:

  • Lastly, looks for reviews from existing customer. They will give you an insight into how well the filter is able to perform. It will save your time for returning a product that isn’t solving your problem.

With these criteria above, you won’t get it wrong when buying a water filter.

Why Do We Recommend RO System?

I must admit that in, we are leading more towards reverse osmosis technology on drinking water filter. Let’s take a look at the advantage and disadvantage of the system:


Pure Water

Reverse osmosis water filter removes practically everything from the water leaving just pure water behind.

While some might concerned that it removes the beneficial minerals too, our argument is that the beneficial minerals appear in water are neglectable as compared to the mineral that is consume from food.

Micron Ratings

The micron ratings of reverse osmosis membrane is so fine, 0.00001 micron which practically capable of removing all contaminants.

It is 10000 times thinner than an average human hair. Most of the bacteria is capable of being filtered by the membrane leaving just clean water behind.

Storage Tank

Most of the reverse osmosis system comes with a storage tank which will help on getting clean water at a much faster pace.


Every type of products comes with the downside as well and this applies to all reverse osmosis filters.

Waste Water

Reverse osmosis system will drain out the water which can’t pass through the membrane. Those waste water normally have already been through at least 2 stages of filtering.

It might not be qualified for drinking, the waste water certainly can be channeled to other usages such as dishwashing, gardening and even laundry.

Zero Mineral In Water

There aren’t any beneficial minerals appear in the water unless some models come with a remineralization filter. This made it slightly acidic and bald taste.

According to WQA, the slight acidic filtered water from reverse osmosis system are safe to consume as post no harm to our body.


Despite the disadvantages, we still believe that the reverse osmosis technology creates some of the best under sink water filters in town based on the capability of removing contaminants.

~ Let us know what do you think about the review above. If you have any other great system in mind,  do let us know. We will do a quick comparison with our winners and reply to you promptly.~

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