4 Types of Drinking Water Purifiers For Home

Featured Image 4 types of drinking water purifier

Are you thinking of buying a drinking water purifiers for home? Is the choice too overwhelming? I’m sure it is. There are so many brands of drinking water purifiers out there which made us hard to decide which one to go for.

Of all the drinking water purifiers in the world, we categorize them into 4 different categories based on the functionality.

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How To Choose A Water Softener

Featured Image How to choose a softener

We often heard home owners asking on how to choose a water softener for their home as the selections are overwhelmed. There are so many types, functionalities and brands of water softener in America. Contradicting information on the same type of softener are often seen online which made selections even harder.

To simplified the selection process, we have summarized the important elements that you need to consider while choosing your first water softener.

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The Effects of Lead In Drinking Water

Contaminated Water

It has been brought to authorities’ attention that water contamination has worsen lately. It’s not just about visible contamination such as dirt or sand, it is those toxic minerals such as lead and copper in our water. The effects of lead in drinking water can be DEADLY and we should not take it lightly.

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