PUR VS Brita | Which is Better

PUR Vs Brita

PUR VS Brita has always been the most popular comparison of all times on water pitcher and faucet filters. Two of the company has been competing for the crown of “Best Sellers” on Amazon. Let’s talk a little bit about the background of two companies.   Background PUR, an American based company which has more than 30 years … Read more

Brita Faucet Filter Review 2019

Brita Advanced Faucet Filter

Product: Brita Faucet Water Filter Type: Single Filter Cartridge Product Warranty: 1 years Warranty Suitable For: City Water Source, Rented Apartment        Check Out The Price In Amazon   Background Brita is one of the top brands when it comes to water pitcher and faucet water filter. It is competing hand in hand with PUR filter.  In this … Read more

Brita Water Filter Pitcher Review

Brita Water Filter Pitcher Review Guide

Product:  Brita Water Filter Pitcher Type: Single Stage Filter Pitcher Product Warranty: 30 Days Money Back Guaranteed Suitable For: City Water Source, Rented Apartment Check It Out In Amazon   Background Everyone knows Brita as one of the well-known water pitcher brands. Apart from pitchers, they focus on faucet mounted water filter which is easily attached to the kitchen … Read more