Best Reverse Osmosis System for 2019

Best Reverse Osmosis System

Did you know that Singapore has the cleanest tap water in the world? The government uses reverse osmosis(RO) as part of the process to translate everyday wastewater into the clean water due to the lack of water source. The core filtration element is the semipermeable RO membrane which is 0.00001-micron rating that is capable of … Read more

APEC RO CTOP Countertop Reverses Osmosis Water Filter Review

APEC RO CTOP with Case

Product: APEC RO CTOP Water Filter Type: Counter Top Drinking Water Filter Filtration Stage: 4 Stage Reverse Osmosis Filtration System Product Warranty: 1 year Suitable For: Rented Apartment, Medium Household Only a handful of company produce countertop reverse osmosis water filter system, and APEC is one of them. Their flagship model is the ROES-50 under sink water filter which receives … Read more

5 Factors To Consider When Buying a Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System for Home

Water contamination is a hot topic nowadays. Just a few days ago, it was reported that a cancer-causing chemical was found in hundreds of the well water in California. In a separated occasion, residents in Jeanerette, Louisiana experience rust colored water from their tap water. The tap water no longer safe as compared to a … Read more