Best Reverse Osmosis System for 2019

Best Reverse Osmosis System

Did you know that Singapore has the cleanest tap water in the world? The government uses reverse osmosis(RO) as part of the process to translate everyday wastewater into the clean water due to the lack of water source. The core filtration element is the semipermeable RO membrane which is 0.00001-micron rating that is capable of … Read more

Top 5 Best Water Filter Pitcher For 2019

Best Water FIlter Pitcher

Have you ever wonder how clean is the water coming out from the faucet? Just how much you know about your tap water? Does it contain chlorine, fluoride, and lead? No idea? Check out the Consumer Confidence Report in your city. In order to know whether the best water filter pitcher suits your home, you need … Read more

Top 6 Best Filtered Water Bottle For 2019

Best Filtered Water Bottle Feature Page

You probably have different filtration systems at home. One for drinking, one for the whole house and one for the shower. Those systems are non-detachable and aren’t easy to bring along. With the advanced technology in this era, water filters have been revamped to be small, compact and easier to carry along. Here are some … Read more