Top 4 Best Fluoride Water Filter For 2019

Best Fluoride Water Filter

Most of us know fluoride from the description from your toothpaste. Did you know that fluoride has been used in municipal water for decades? Just like you, I wasn’t aware of that until now. I am sure that this issue has been bothering you much. Which is why you have come across to this page. In … Read more

iSpring WGB32B, WGB22B Whole House Water Filter Review

iSpring WGB32B Whole House Water FIlter

Product : iSpring WGB32B, WGB22B Series Type : Whole House Water Filter Filtration Stage : 2 – 3 Stage Product Warranty : 1 Years Suitable For : City & Well Water Source, Home and Offices Background iSpring has been one of the leading reverse osmosis water filter brands in the market. Their RCC7 is one of the best sellers on … Read more

Top 8 Best Under Sink Water Filter For 2019

Best Under Sink Water Filter Feature Picture

There is news all around the world on water contamination problems and is rising at an alarming rate. The most recent ones are the lead contamination in Flint, Michigan. Basic filtration system can’t get rid all of the contaminants no matter it is organic or inorganic. You will probably need a greater system such as … Read more

4 Types of Drinking Water Purifiers For Home

Featured Image 4 types of drinking water purifier

Are you thinking of buying a drinking water purifiers for home? Is the choice too overwhelming? I’m sure it is. There are so many brands of drinking water purifiers out there which made us hard to decide which one to go for.

Of all the drinking water purifiers in the world, we categorize them into 4 different categories based on the functionality.

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