Top 5 Best Water Softener System For 2019

Best Water Softener System

Hard water problems lead to people spending thousands of dollars each year on wear off appliances, clogging pipes and tore off clothing. Water softener has been widely used in most of the household to combat these issues. It is a hot topic and many water treatment companies claim to have the best water softener system … Read more

3M Aqua Pure Whole House Water Filter Review

Aqua Pure AP902

Product : 3M Aqua Pure Whole House Water Filter (AP902, AP903, AP904) Type : Whole House Water Filter Filtration Stage : 1 – 3 Stages Product Warranty : 1 year Suitable For : City or Municipal water 3M is a well know brand which has literally everything from schools supplies, personal health products to home improvement items. The … Read more

How To Choose A Water Softener

Featured Image How to choose a softener

We often heard home owners asking on how to choose a water softener for their home as the selections are overwhelmed. There are so many types, functionalities and brands of water softener in America. Contradicting information on the same type of softener are often seen online which made selections even harder.

To simplified the selection process, we have summarized the important elements that you need to consider while choosing your first water softener.

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