Top 6 Best Whole House Water Filter For 2019

Best Whole House Water Filter Feature Picture

Water contamination has been getting serious in recent years. You will think of getting a water filter when the water source turns yellow. Did you know that most chemical contaminants are odorless and colorless? These contaminants need to be prevented from entering our homes. Hence, the whole house water filter is the first line defense … Read more

Top 5 Best Water Softener System For 2019

Best Water Softener System

Hard water problems lead to people spending thousands of dollars each year on wear off appliances, clogging pipes and tore off clothing. Water softener has been widely used in most of the household to combat these issues. It is a hot topic and many water treatment companies claim to have the best water softener system … Read more

iSpring WGB32B, WGB22B Whole House Water Filter Review

iSpring WGB32B Whole House Water FIlter

Product : iSpring WGB32B, WGB22B Series Type : Whole House Water Filter Filtration Stage : 2 – 3 Stage Product Warranty : 1 Years Suitable For : City & Well Water Source, Home and Offices Background iSpring has been one of the leading reverse osmosis water filter brands in the market. Their RCC7 is one of the best sellers on … Read more

DuPont Whole House Water Filter Review | Great Value For Money

DuPont WFHD13001B Heavy Duty Water Filter

Product: DuPont Whole House Water Filter Type: Sediment / Carbon Filter Filtration Stage: 1 Stage Product Warranty: 3 Years Suitable For: City Water Source, Home, and Offices Background: DuPont is a well-established company which is well diversified in a different industry such as Food & Beverages, Agriculture, Automotive and many more. Water purification products are one of the divisions that … Read more

Rusco Spin Down Filter and Sediment Trapper Filter Review

Rusco Sediment Trapper System with box

Product : Rusco Spin Down Filter, Sediment Trapper Filter Type : Whole House Sediment Filter Filtration Stage : 1 Stage Product Warranty : 12 Months Suitable For : City and Well Water Source   Rusco is one of the leading manufacturer for sediment water filtration. Their one of a kind filtration design is copyrighted which provides a unique way of … Read more

3M Aqua Pure Whole House Water Filter Review

Aqua Pure AP902

Product : 3M Aqua Pure Whole House Water Filter (AP902, AP903, AP904) Type : Whole House Water Filter Filtration Stage : 1 – 3 Stages Product Warranty : 1 year Suitable For : City or Municipal water 3M is a well know brand which has literally everything from schools supplies, personal health products to home improvement items. The … Read more