EHM Alkaline Water Pitcher Review

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Product:  EHM ULTRA premium, Original and Basic.
Type: Water Filter Pitcher
Product Warranty: Lifetime Guaranteed
Suitable For: City Water Source, Rented Apartment

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  • Filtration Effectiveness
  • Quality Of Product
  • Maintenance and Replacement
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The EHM pitcher is good at producing alkaline filtered water in an affordable way. With the longer lifespan of the cartridge, you will save some bucks on the replacement cost. Hence, it is RECOMMENDED.


EHM Group is a China-based company that design and manufacture mainly alkaline water treatment products. Established in 2009, the companies’ main markets are South East Asia and North America.

Besides water pitcher,  water ionizer and alkaline water bottle flask are their specialties.  It’s a fast-growing company, which aims to provide quality alkaline water for their customers.

EHM Water Filter Pitcher Review

As we know, there are many benefits for drinking alkaline water. However, alkaline water often comes at a higher cost. Some water ionizer machines can be priced up to thousands of dollars which made it unaffordable.

EHM and other companies decided to provide an alternative option for middle-class people to own their very own alkaline water filter.

EHM Basic

Increase pH

Added Negative Ions & Anti-Oxidant

Added beneficial minerals 

2.5Litre pitcher

EHM Alkaline Filter Cartridge

EHM Original

Increase pH

Added Negative Ions & Anti-Oxidant

Added beneficial minerals 

3.5Litre pitcher

EHM Alkaline Filter Cartridge


Increase pH

Added Negative Ions & Anti-Oxidant

Added beneficial minerals 

3.5Litre pitcher

EHM Sureflow Filter Cartridge

There is a difference in size for 3 of the pitcher, but the most important ingredient of the pitchers are the filtration cartridge.

How Well Does it Filter?

EHM has 3 different models water pitcher that is alkaline based on the US market right now which uses 2 different filtration cartridges.

There are no details published on how well does the filter work in terms of removing contaminants.

EHM Alkaline Filter Cartridge

The first cartridge is generally used in both the Basic and Original version of the EHM pitcher. The filter is categorized into 7 stages.

  1. Filter Gauze: The first layer to trap sediments before entering the filtration cartridge.
    EHM Alkaline Filter Cartridge
  2. Ion Exchange Resin: Releasing negative ions into the water.
  3. Activated Carbon: Filtering Odor, taste, and chlorine from the source water.
  4. Far Infrared Ceramic Balls: Acting as an anti-oxidant agent remineralize the water.
  5. Natural Mineral Stones: Remineralize the water with calcium, magnesium.
  6. Alkaline Ceramic Mineral Balls: Raise the pH of the water.
  7. PP Pad: Trap small particles from the filter cartridge leaving the clean water to the system.

The filtration cartridge comes with different colors which you can specify upon check out.

EHM Sureflow Filter Cartridge

EHM ULTRA filter cartridge

The Sureflow cartridge is mainly for the EHM ULTRA premium pitcher. It is faster in flow rate. Although it was advertised as having a 6 stages filter, it only consists of 3 different stages.

  1. Nano-metal clusters media (Nano-KDF): Remove residual chlorine, heavy metal ions, decreasing the concentration of organic pollutants and eliminate micro-organism growth
  2. Activated carbon core: Reduce taste and odors from source water.
  3. Tourmaline ceramic filter Cartridge: Remineralize with negative ions, increasing the pH of the water, and add in beneficial minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and anti-oxidant.

EHM did not mention on getting their product certified by either NSF or WQA on confirming the capability of the filtration cartridge.

However, most customers agreed that it tasted better from the usual tap water and it did increase the pH compared to the filter.

Capacity and Design

2.5/3.5L Capacity: The Basic version of EHM is capable of getting up to 2.5L of water while the Original and ULTRA Premium version is capable of housing 3.5L of water.  However, it can only store up to 2L of filtered water at one time.

PREMIUM DESIGN: EHM claims that their pitchers are built with premium quality and strict quality control in a state of art manufacturing process.

EHM ULTRA pitcher features

Maintenance and Replacement

In terms of lifespan and replacement, EHM is slightly better than the conventional water pitchers.

It is suggested by EHM to replace the filter cartridge when it reaches 300 liters or 80 gallons of water.

If you are refilling the water twice a day, you will probably need to replace the cartridge every 2-3 months. It is 2 times greater than Brita which only capable of filtering 40 gallons.

Annual Maintenance Cost: $40-$60

What’s Positive and What’s Negative?

+ Remineralization beneficial minerals.
+ Increase pH level.
+ Affordable replacement filters
+ Longer lifespan filters
No certification by NSF or WQA.
Not made in the US.
Slower Flow rate
No warranty is stated
No time indicator for the replacement.

Verdict: Recommended!

Expert View:

The EHM pitcher can be classified as an average water pitcher in filtering contaminants. However, it is an excellent pitcher if you are specifically looking for the alkaline pitcher.

The three reasons below makes it worth buying:

  • Great Remineralize Feature: It remineralized the system with natural mineral stones and balls giving a good pH level, anti-oxidant, and healthy minerals in the water.
  • Longer Filter Lifespan: It is able to last for twice amount of water as compared to Brita while still providing nice alkaline water.
  • Affordability: The cost of a pitcher is 75 times cheaper than a Kangen Ionizer. Everyone can afford to drink alkaline water now.

I would strongly recommend to people to buy this pitcher for remineralization purposes only! 

Where Can I Buy It? 

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EHM ULTRA Premium Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher


EHM Original Alkaline Water Pitcher – 3.5L 


EHM Alkaline Mineral Water Ionizer Pitcher 2.5L (Basic)

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Buy EHM ULTRA Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher

More Info and Question

This water pitcher has received excellent ratings from it’s existing customers. Some examples of their reviews are shown below:

“The improvement in taste is definitely noticable.”  –  Julie

“I love how easy and inexpensive it is to drink alkaline water. ” – Robin

“Great pitcher, but the lid is a pain in the butt. Would buy again! ” – Angela

Still having doubts on the EHM water filter pitcher? Leave us a comment below. I would love to hear what you think about this pitcher.

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