Reverse Osmosis Reviews

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Reverse osmosis has been a well-known technology for water treatment plans. It removes 99% of contaminants from its semi-permeable membrane.

Did you know that Singapore recycles its wastewater and uses reverse osmosis to clean it? 

While there is so many reverse osmosis water filter in the market, we review most of them based on their functionality, efficiency, effectiveness and maintenance.  

With that, we conclude and group them to RECOMMENDED and NOT RECOMMENDED groups below. 

Recommended Reverse Osmosis Systems

The list water filter below passed our rigorous review in terms of contaminants removal, maintenance cost, and effective filtration. While some are more premium than others, you probably won’t regret getting one of these filters. 

Not Recommended Reverse Osmosis System

Not all system have great filtration capability. Most systems in this category are not able to compete with others due to poor technology, bad quality or high maintenance cost.