Water Pitchers Review

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Water pitcher is the simplest filtration system that you can find in the market. It is widely used in college and university as well as renters.  

Frankly speaking, most pitchers barely reduce the common water contaminants from our source water. This category has always been dominated by big players such as Brita and PUR.  

Bear in mind that in WorldofWaterFilter, we don’t just rate the product based on the popularity and branding. 

There is a series of checks that we perform to ensure that you have our best recommendation. 

With that, we conclude and group the pitcher  into RECOMMENDED and NOT RECOMMENDED below. 

Recommended Water Pitchers

The list of water filter below passed our rigorous review in terms of contaminants removal, maintenance cost, and effective filtration. While some are more premium than others, you probably won’t regret getting one of these filters. 

Not Recommended Water Pitchers

Water pitcher has a low entry barrier where companies can produce a brand new pitcher in a short period of time. You probably be wondering why some of the big brands are not recommended by us? Check out their reviews. 

Brita Water Pitcher

Brita Everyday Pitcher
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PUR Water Pitcher

PUR Water filter Pitcher
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Zero Water Pitcher 

Zero Water Pitcher
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Mavea Water Pitcher

Mavea Water Filter Pitcher
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