Whole House Water Filter Reviews

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Whole house water filters are often the second thing to get after drinking water filter. Getting this is to ensure that your family and home appliances get protected by the filthy water. 

There are not a lot of options for whole house water filter because it is costly to develop and the system needs to withstand enormous water pressure and rigorous weather conditions. 

As such, we review most of the well-known system in the market and group them under the two categories below: 

Recommended Whole House Filter

All these systems went through a thorough review before making a conclusion and classified as one of the recommended water filter. You will have no regrets in owning one of the following systems to protect you and your family. 

Not Recommended Whole House Filter

Big brands not necessary have the best system. In this section, we don’t recommend the following systems due to several reasons such as poor technology, bad quality or high maintenance cost. 

Whirlpool WHELJ1 

Whirlpool WHELJ1 Water FilterRead More On The Review >>>