DuPont Whole House Water Filter Review | Great Value For Money

DuPont WFHD13001B Heavy Duty Water Filter

Product: DuPont Whole House Water Filter Type: Sediment / Carbon Filter Filtration Stage: 1 Stage Product Warranty: 3 Years Suitable For: City Water Source, Home, and Offices Background: DuPont is a well-established company which is well diversified in a different industry such as Food & Beverages, Agriculture, Automotive and many more. Water purification products are one of the divisions that … Read more

Rusco Spin Down Filter and Sediment Trapper Filter Review

Rusco Sediment Trapper System with box

Product : Rusco Spin Down Filter, Sediment Trapper Filter Type : Whole House Sediment Filter Filtration Stage : 1 Stage Product Warranty : 12 Months Suitable For : City and Well Water Source   Rusco is one of the leading manufacturer for sediment water filtration. Their one of a kind filtration design is copyrighted which provides a unique way of … Read more